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Rise + Shine - The Glow Revolution Rise + Shine - The Glow Revolution

This is for you if you are ready to ramp up and take your happiness, freedom + impact a HELL OF A LOT more seriously.

You’ve worked so damn hard all your life.

You’re passionate, burning with a desire to step up as a leader, entrepreneur and empowered woman.

Willpower and sheer determination have gotten you this far, but BABE, you KNOW you can’t keep up this ‘crazy-busy’ pace up forever.

This isn’t the life you wanted. The freedom you dreamed of. The purpose you were meant to be fulfilling.

So this is for you if you are ready to make some epic changes, be supported + LET GO of pushing your way through life.

If you’re ready to SHIFT your body, mind + soul into a whole brand spankin’ new world of feeling absolutely, divinely delicious that you so deserve.

Stepping up to the next level of success.

If you’re tired of feeling less than ordinary. Less than the sparkly, trailblazing, go-getter self that you know you are.

Or just if you’re tired of being bound by the stories + bullshit beliefs holding you back from your true greatness.

(Um, the world WON’T end. You won’t lose. You WON’T fall apart.)

If you’re ready to STOP BEING INVISIBLE and START BEING AWESOME at making your dreams of making a difference  a living-breathing reality.

This is for you.

Have you ever felt that you were meant more something more?

Something more than the life where you constantly struggle with:

–> Feeling frustrated, passionless + STUCK on a hamster wheel of overload, overwhelm and overeating (because we’ve all done that. No judgement.). All for the hustle of your dreams.

–> Being present. Right here, right now. Because there is always way too much to do and you just don’t have the freaking time. Seriously – how do you do it?? (Answer: by running on emotional fumes that threaten to burn you out before you’ve even gotten to the good bit).

–> Completely and absolutely accepting, respecting + appreciating yourself and every little amazing bit about you. (Yep – even that thing you do that you feel is weird.) (Here’s the secret – we’re all a little weird.)

–> Feeling guilty about the “good life” you have even when that voice in the back of your mind keeps whispering – is this it? Didn’t I used to be more fun?

–> Knowing you are meant for something bigger but stumbling your way through life (and many, many self-help books, vision boards and lifestyle programs) to make your dreams happen?

Stop right there.


You are a freedom-loving, dream-chasing wild-hearted woman who wants it all.

And deserves it all – the meaningful career, relationships, awesome body + a life that you wake up to each day energised, enthusiastic and ready to change the world.

This isn’t about my version of success or even what the world has told you what success looks like.

(Money, sex + rock ‘n’ roll)

This is about you.

You’re not living a life fully charged + radiant, a life filled with confident self-love and vibrant purpose.

Life on your own terms.

And you’re allowing yourself to bind your dreams, your worth + happiness for your future with other people.


Know this – you’re not alone.

I KNOW the feeling of doing the hard slog.

I did it for years.

I was stuck in a job + life where I ignored my intuition, the calling inside me that begged me to do something different.

Paralysed with fear + frustration, I stayed in that life – overweight, overloaded and overwhelmed.

I was used to living an existence based on other people’s expectations and my dreams of a joy-soaked life filled with freedom, passion + ease became buried beneath a defeating combination of boredom, bumbling about + burnout.

But here’s the kicker – You don’t have to live like this.

You don’t ever need to feel like this.

You just need a little guidance and a mega-watt grin from someone who’s been there + done that and can show you HOW.

No gimmicks, far from perfect, but who has the know-how and personal passion to get you through it.

Investment: $1699

[+ payment plans available]

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Here’s also your chance to ask me anything. Seriously. Anything.


You’re ready to go BIG or go home.

The Rise + Shine program is the leadership + wellness experience designed for wild-hearted gorgeous women with huge dreams + deep desire to make a difference in this big ol’ world.
A HUGE part of my mission is helping ambitious, high-performing, passionate women like you see that the ONLY way for you give light to others, to get to the next level of leadership + success – is to glow yourself

10 weeks together.

10 weeks of a transformational 1:1 intensive to take you from living life on cruise-control (or dangerously swerving those never-ending potholes) to back into the driver seat of your destiny.
This is a road trip of a lifetime. (Complete with peanut M&M’s + classic 90’s music on the radio)
There will be some serious strategizing, bullshit-busting + soul-centred life shifts to spark your inner revolution and open up a whole new world of unapologetic awesomeness + hell-yeah moments.
We will deep dive into each area of your life that no longer lights you up and replace it with a whole lotta love + inspired action towards your brave + bold goals.

This isn’t about adding MORE to your already overcrowded plate – this is about learning to lead from your zone of genius and creating TRUE FREEDOM.

Together we will design and implement your very own Rise + Shine Revolution Roadmap to help you navigate through life + business with sexy self-confidence, ease + radiant abandon. Buckle up gorgeous.

Are you in? (Of course you are!)

Investment: $1499

[+ payment plans available]

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Here’s also your chance to ask me anything. Seriously. Anything.

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The 5 Pillars of The Glow Revolution.

I believe it is all connected.

Here’s what we’ll focus on in our 10 weeks together.

Taking action is more than just a way towards your goals + freedom. It’s a lifestyle.

That’s what I’m here to help you learn.


It all starts here – change your thoughts – change your world.

  • Quieten that inner mean bitch + finally  bust through the overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism holding you back from being a superstar
  • Use Fear as rocket fuel to propel yourself into a courageous, confident woman
  • Learn to get off the money mindset merry-go-round and become a natural cash magnet
  • Take the leap off the ladder and jump into joy, ease and success


Reconnect + Redefine YOUR success

  • Own your gifts – learn to lead from your zone of genius
  • Uplevel your vision – redefine, realise + realign what YOUR freedom looks like. Clarity is EVERYTHING.
  • Plug back into your SELF – body + soul. Learn how to fine-tune and use your inner wisdom, fire + intuition to take your freedom forward.


Nourish yo’self – body, mind + soul

  • Work-life balance? Pfft! Design your ideal lifestyle that integrates your passions and your life in perfect harmony.
  • Learn how you can make self-care a part of your success strategy as you build your career, life or business
  • Get the secret to HAVING IT ALL (NOT doing it all) with systems to simplify your life + keep you from burnout


Create Impact + Influence doing what you love

  • Get crystal clear on the type of leader you want to be by uncovering + unleashing your unique superpowers
  • Go “Pro” and get proven strategies to following through, productivity + goal-setting to actually make your dreams happen.
  • Learn the secrets to unshakable confidence + visibility to put yourself out there and BE SEEN as a leader.
  • Pin down your dreams and take action. Get a strategic action plan to hit your goals – no matter what comes your way


Lead. Inspire. SHINE. Start a Revolution.

  • Create, find, build and nurture your own connections + community to help speed up success and empower others.
  • Lead from your genius zone – learn to harness the powerful feminine art of leadership (without losing who you are)
  • Build a blueprint for what optimal joy & freedom in your relationships and social life would look like.
  • Create a vision of how you want to give back to the world + a clear plan to get there.

What you will get:

  • Your Pre-coaching Homework

    A completely doable + fun worksheet to kick-start our journey into your fierce, fabulous and freedom-filled life. This will get you firing off mini revolutions even before we start. Cool huh?

  • VIP Strategy session

    1 x 2 hour VIP clarity conversation where we get clear as crystal on your personal intentions + goals. This is the how, what, when + WHY of the feelings, dreams and life we’re focusing on and the belief-busting we’re aiming at.

  • 8 Private Coaching Sessions

    8 x 60 mins of you + me via Skype/phone/in-person where we will laser-focus on creating the big shifts and breaking down limits.

  • Weekly Direction + Purpose Goals

    Small steps equals big changes. Accountability, progress and a reason for us to celebrate your Aha-moments + making real changes. There may or may not be happy dancing involved. Your call.

  • It’s a wrap

    1 x 30-minute reflection session to finish up and review on your 3-month journey. This will be scheduled one week after your final session and WILL include bear-hugs, high-fives and champagne-popping.

  • Support for super success

    At the end of our sessions you get our notes + all my best tips/tools/strategies to keep you going on your kick-ass journey.

  • Follow up email

    4 weeks of email support after our sessions for homework clarity, questions + support and no-BS accountability to yourself and your goals.

  • BONUS!

    The FULL Audio library, transcripts + workbook from the 2015 hugely successful Make Your Mark Women’s Empowerment + Wellness  Telesummit (worth $97).

Celebrating International Women’s Day and with the theme in 2015 of “Make It Happen”, this summit gave a huge HELL YEAH to women’s achievements and brings together women from around Australia and internationally who live a fully charged life through the work they offer to the world.

Isn’t it time you showed the world what you’re made of?

Investment: $1699

[+ payment plans available]

{Click below to apply}

Here’s also your chance to ask me anything. Seriously. Anything.


You’re ideal for this if you are: No-bullshit. Invested. And willing to do whatever the hell it takes to get what you want (short of running over puppy dogs, bank robberies or going on Tinder. No. Don’t do it.)