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Hey. I’m Sig.

I help leaders make a bigger impact in their lives + the world by taking action on their dreams.

I call you incredible, brave-hearted women – #Glowgetters.

#Glowgetters are truth-seekers, freedom-chasers and heart-centred women on a mission to make the most of their life, but more than that, make a deep impact in this world.



You want freedom. Choice. Liberation.

From living overloaded + overwhelmed.

From your own inner mean bitch, good-girl-complex and years of doing shit the hard way towards a dream you realise isn’t your own because you were told that this is what life was all about.

You are leaders who want to live life ALL IN – not standing on the sidelines- and always moving towards the direction of your desires.

Making a difference in the world – by being exactly who you are.

You want to start LIVING – radiant, thriving, filled-to-the-brim with love + laughter + soul-purpose.

And finally dump that no-good, broke-ass attitude of feeling + living small.

(To the left, to the left. Everything you own in a box to the left. Buh-bye.)

I call you #Glowgetters because I see that fire in your belly, baby, and want to help you light it up, so nobody can put that flame out.

(Or put you in a corner. Boom!)

Well, here’s what I know, with every beat of my heart:

1. You deserve to be seen + heard. And you deserve to live your own version of amazing every. single. day


2.  But there’s a catch. Anything and everything is possible when you demand more of yourself and break free from your self-imposed beliefs + habits.

Trust me – you’ve got this.


3. When you’re ready to jump into your own freedom, the only thing you need is a firm + loving push.

It can be freaking scary, leaping off the edge.

And even more so alone.

Together we will spark ideas, speak our truth, live our messages, collaborate, CELEBRATE + work to give you everything to start movements, run businesses, be creative and make your dreams a living-breathing-success.

Together, we are unstoppable.


{This is my story. And perhaps your story too}

I have this HUGE, butting-me-in-the-head-constantly-so-I-can’t-ignore-it, undeniable belief that life was meant to be fabulous.

The kind of life where each morning is met with holy-SHIT-AMAZEBALLS THIS is my life and each day is mind-blowingly magical. Where you show up, ready to create, connect and contribute your gifts to the world.

But slow learner I was, knowing that I wanted this life came from a whole heap of stumbling, aching, frustration and ultimate realisation.

I was raised to be a good girl. A smart girl.

One where it was drummed into me that hard work would eventually pay off, that rules were there for a reason, risks were for crazy people and any life off the path of convention was doomed to fail (or worse – be unmarriageable).

My dreams, my desires lay cast side as I soaked in all the constant advice from around me and ticked off the boxes to a smart, successful life.

Uni double degree with honours? Check
Enviable Big 4 professional job? Check
Two dogs, a baby + house with a white picket fence in the ‘burbs? Check


Marriage to a suitable boy of my parents’ choosing? Err, check. (The boy I asked out many years ago becomes my husband at 24. THIS is one thing I refuse to budge on. He is the ying to my yang, the sun to my moon and still stirs my loins. Hell to the yeah.)

And so while it seemed like my life was all rainbows + unicorns on the outside, my inside was in tortured chaos.

I may have had it all, but I was miserable (and wracked with guilt for even feeling this way).

I had become a burnt out and aimless, a barely functional version of my creative, rebellious self.

All I knew that I had much, much more to give and be and was generally a pretty awesome person but years, DECADES, of self-limiting, self-defeating habits + beliefs and other people’s rules had dimmed my sparkle.


And I wanted to sparkle, dammit.

So I had to make a choice. And I did.

I dumped permission and the shadows and decided to just freaking STOP doing all the crap that I had been doing before.


I dove headfirst into TAKING ACTION towards my freedom, my vision of success and found deep inside me the spark, the clarity, and the purpose for what I was truly meant to do.

No more magic pills, no more courses/books/vision boards with empty promises.

If I ever wanted to make my dreams of freedom a reality – I needed to do SOMETHING.

It was UP TO ME.

I ALSO realised that, golly gosh, women are fucking fantastic creatures when we truly put ourselves first and goddamn, what an incredible effect it was.

And after a shitload of soul-searching, action-taking, expectation-dropping, mindset-mastery, life-upgrading and stepping-into-my-power mentorship….

I found my Glow.

A blinding, radiant, uplifting, hell-to-the-yes kinda glow.

And this leads me to today – to YOU – helping you rewrite your own bold + beautiful story.

You know your dream. You know that it is awesome.

And you know that you have what it takes.

So, let me say this upfront.

If you want to give light to others, you HAVE to glow yourself.

But sometimes, the gap between those dreams and making it a reality, the day-to-day actions, can seem way too big.

I live every day within the reality that I have designed with passion + purpose, with unbounded gratitude, energy and love, radiance and acceptance of the person I am and my life’s work.

It didn’t come easy, but like I said right at the start – I am I-take-you-for-a-lifetime COMMITTED to a glowing, healthy, magic-filled life.

And the best part? Those soul-fuelled lessons + wisdom pearls that I learned along the way – I’m here to share them with YOU.

Because I know that aligning your inner world with your outer world has the power to change the planet.

So if you have been waiting for a sign to start living – THIS IS IT.


Bold. Neon. Pointing right at you. Freedom + success is inevitable. Let me show you how.

Heard Enough? Ready to make big things happen?

Let's Get Started!